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Security and privacy for your daily tasks

Full audit

Security compliance

Encryption of data at rest

Encryption of data in use

2FA-two factor authentication

HSM FIPS 140 Level 2

potection against ransomware

Granular access permissions

Full auditing

Full auditing

By reducing operational risks, Owl Docs helps you prevent fraud, data leakage or the theft of confidential informations.

To grasp any change performed on a document, either by an employee or a client, is essential to manage corporate files.

With Owl Docs, it becomes possible to audit any activity performed on an account, ranging from the consultation of any document to its modification, letting you know how, when and by whom it was done.

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HSM FIPS 140 Level 2 (military grade)

HSM FIPS 140 Level 2 (military grade)

We encrypt all data within our system by the most advanced model in encryption these days: FIPS 140-2 approved hardware built for cryptoprocessing

HSM FIPS-140-2 is an advanced hardware security module approved by U.S miitary standards, where Owl Docs stores the certificates for each account's encrypted operations, safe from virtual or physical attacks.

Your business already operates with an HSM from THALES? then bring your certificate to our module through the cloud, and use all of Owl Docs's features, following your own security rules.

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Encryption of all data at use and at rest.

Encryption of all data at use and at rest.

Owl Docs uses the most advanced algorithms to encrypt all data, either at rest or in use, saving the user the hassle of managing keys or the need of a profound knowledge of encryption, in order to grant the security of documents and files.

Besides that and like mnetioned before, we use military grade hardware to manage encryption keys.

2FA-twofactor authentication

2FA-twofactor authentication

Owl Docs was designed for security and privacy, to bring our users more control over their account activity and protect their information. Therefore, we also put in place a two factor authentication system , where Android and iOS app users have to read a QR code even after entering their username and password.



Besides all the advanced cryptography Owl docs backs up three copies of every document uploaded, making our users safe 24/7.

Ransomware is an attack by the means of which a hacker will encrypt all of one's data, after having fraudulously been granted access to a system, and ask for a ransom in exchange for the encryption key. Let it be known it's extremely difficult to remediate such a situation once it's happened and, to this date, more than 24 thousand attack attempts are executed daily, thus making many businesses the victims of such misdemeanors.



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